Arix Bioscience is focused on generating value from innovation in healthcare, with a permanent capital structure supporting a long-term investment model.



  • Company launched with initial fundraise in February 2016
  • Aims to support companies bringing promising early-stage innovations to market while enabling a broader range of people to invest in that innovation through an IPO in February 2017
  • Successfully raised approximately £87 million in 2018 from both new and existing investors.


Oversubscribed IPO, raising of new proceeds


Our strategy

  • Create and develop profile based on internationally-regarded team and innovative investment opportunity
  • Explain a complex company structure and underline the distinction between Arix and its peers
  • Educate investors, commentators and the sector through international newspaper, newswire, trade and investment media and television coverage, especially to support US business activities
  • Guide introduction to public company investor relations



  • Significant interest and coverage across all media including the Financial Times, Bloomberg, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Fierce Biotech and Endpoints
  • Awareness of the company, team and proposition across the sector
  • Oversubscribed IPO raising £113m of new proceeds